Thursday, April 1, 2010

Referral Program.

As you know Randor is largely dependant on our referrals for our business growth. Over the years you have been kind to send us so many of your friends. However, often many of you have told us that you send so many people my way but so few arrive. Many of you have commented that you wish there was a way for you to get more of them to come see us, so that they could have the same wonderful experience buying Jewellery that you have had.

It is only natural that you would want your friends to get the same tremendous value with their Jewellery purchases that you did and that you want them to receive the same dedicated service and heirloom quality Jewellery that you received.

Well I think I have something that will help you get them to come see me. Enclosed in this letter are two $100.00 gift certificates. These are for new clients only. They both have blank spaces for you to write your referrals name, and your name.

You might ask why I am willing to give away $100.00 to each new client. The answer is simple. I decided long ago to spend my advertising budget on my clients, the people who are already on my side. You already know that I will take especially good care of your friends just like I do for you. You already know that I specialize in heirloom quality Jewellery, something that the future generations will treasure. You’re already my best advertising, so why not spend my money on you?

Ask us for our Referral Gift Certificates to give to your friends.

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